LED Multi sport Scoreboards

The LED Multi Sports Scoreboards begin from a size of 2 x 3 feet, 3 x 4 feet, 4 x 6 feet which can be refreshed with a Console to enormous size single or full shading showcase with all parameters which can likewise show video. 

The digit size of 6" is noticeable from a separation of 200 feet and the bigger sizes have 12" digits. 

The LED Scoreboards fabricated by Technocratz are cutting edge utilizing the most recent LED P10 Module innovation and not the customary physically mounted LED's. The Module innovation has the edge as it has insignificant wiring, is resistant to vibration or stuns and is totally day and night obvious.


 LED Multisport  Scoreboard.


The basic Multi sport Scoreboards show scores of two teams in the top line and the second line has middle digit to represent ( insertion printed placards are provided ) 

  • Set no. in Volleyball,

  • Badminton and TT Period in Basketball 

  • Half in Football

  • Quarter in Hockey

  • Round in Boxing and Wrestling 

The other 2 digits below the two scores can represent

  •  Sets won in Volleyball,

  •  Badminton and TT Fouls in Basketball 

  •  Penalties in Football

  •  Penalty corners in Hockey

  •  Fouls in Boxing and Wrestling

The digits increment with push button


MSS-01 Mini

LED Multisport Scoreboard.

  • Size 12 inch x 18 inch.

  • Digit height 4 inch.

  • Updated by a simple push button console.

    (this model is indoor      and the rest are              outdoor day night          visible)


       Price: 7,500/- 

    ( Ex Works +GST )


LED Multisport Scoreboard.

  • Size 12 inch x 30 inch.

  • Digit height 6 inch.

  • Updated by a simple push button console.

       Price: 12,500/- 

    ( Ex Works +GST )


MSS 01 12x30 inch.jpg


LED                            Multisport Scoreboard.

  • Size 20 inch X 30 inch.

  • Digit height 6", 4" and 2.5".

  • Updated by a simple push button console.


       Price: 22,500/- 

    ( Ex Works +GST )

MSS 02 20 X 30 a INCH.jpg


LED                            Multisport Scoreboard.


  • Size 2 feet X 3 feet.

  • Score height 6".

  • Updated by a simple push button console.


       Price: 20,000/- 

    ( Ex Works +GST )


LED Multisport              Scoreboard

  • Size 3 feet X 4 feet.

  • Score height 6".

       Price: 25,000/- 

    ( Ex Works +GST )



 LED Multisport         Scoreboard.

  • Size 3 feet X 4 feet.

  • Score height 6"

    (Scores, Fouls,            Period, Timer Plus        3 alphabets  for            each team name)

       Price: 30,000/- 

    ( Ex Works +GST )


LED Multisport Scoreboard.

  • Size 4 feet X 6 feet.

  • Digits 12” for score and rest 6”.

    (with Scores, Fouls,       Period, Timer Plus       6 alphabets for             each team name)

       Price: 60,000/- 

    ( Ex Works +GST )


LED Multisport Scoreboard.

  • Size 6 feet X 8 feet.

  • Digits 18” for score and timer and rest 6".

    (Scores, Fouls,             Period, Timer Plus       9 alphabets for             each team name)

       Price: 1,20,000/- 

    ( Ex Works +GST )


Click on the PDF icon below to view the price and size of the different models of the LED Multi Sport Scoreboards.


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